Top 10 Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We have found a gift for everyone, and the best bit is, everything is natural, eco-friendly and from small sustainable companies. 
Let us know in the comment below which one is your favourite. 

🌸 'Gift Of Seeds' Australia Made Card & Seeds to Grow

These locally made 'Gift Of Seeds' are more popular than ever, and for good reason.  With so many beautiful options to choose from there is something to suit everyone.  From Culinary Flowers, leafy greens and Trio of herds, to Australian paper daisies & gorgeous Mother's Day Chrysanthemums and Snapdragon seeds.  The perfect simple and rewarding project for any garden or pot.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Thoughtful & DIY gift
  • Seed sachet is made from 100% recycled polypropylene
  • Non-toxic plant label & sowing instructions included
  • 100% recycled & compostable kraft envelope for mailing

 Made and Owned with love in Australia.

🌸 Staycation Basket

This is something special & something she will use!  I just love the little belly basket as it has so many uses in the home & is fair trade and sustainable.  The reusable face wipes are a total game changer for her face and the planet & the other beautiful natural hand made products not only smell divine, but are nourishing and refreshing.  All plastic free!  Yes, the bath soak is in compostable packaging and every item in this gift basket is compostable or reusable. 

PS the push-up lip balm from Little Oil Blends is Amazing! 
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🌸 Hand Made Ceramic Travel Bowl 

Now this is something she wont have, and may not even know she needs it ... until she sees it!  What is not to love!  These gorgeous hand made bowls are so unique and such a refreshing change to plastic lunch boxes.  So many striking glazes to choose from and comes with a silicone lid.  This Australian small business is taking the reusable revolution to the next level, and I don't know about you, but I want to be part of it.

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🌸 Morning Sunrise Gift Box

My go to gift box!  This box has all the essence of a morning ritual. Setting the scene for a moment of calm and time to settle the mind before a busy day.  To be honest... I use every one of the products daily and cannot imagine it any other way.  Perfect for mum, and while you are at it, order yourself one too! you will thank me later. Check out all the details here.... 


🌸Pot Of Flowers Kit 

The perfect alternative to a bunch of flowers.  This kit comes with a beautiful porcelain pot that contains everything you need to grow a pot of flowers.  This thoughtful gift is purposeful, sustainable and gratifying and there is so much joy in gifts that make a difference to our planet.  All Australian owned and made.
Click here to send it direct to mum with a hand written not in time for Mother's Day.


🌸Zen Gift Box

Because we all need to find that moment of quiet amidst the noise.
Featuring an iconic Pottery For The Planet handmade cup, Daily Gratitude Journal, Rise & Shine tea and nourishing lip balm, this sustainable Zen Box creates a moment to stop, reflect, and enjoy even the smallest moments.
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🌸Fair Trade Bolga Basket 

I gifted my mum a medium size of these beautiful baskets a few years ago and she loves it and uses it with so much pride.  Not only are they super practical, durable and trendy. They are making a difference.  Handwoven in Ghana, Africa, these baskets help to support the local weavers and their families by ensuring a stable income. Each basket we get is a one off design, never to be repeated, this is what makes them so special. 

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🌸 Heart Warming Box

Another thoughtful curation of beautiful hand made products. The perfect thoughtful gift box to warm the home and the heart ❤.  You even get to chose the glaze colour of the cup or opt for an insulated Ever Eco tumbler instead of a hand made ceramic cup. 

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🌸Organic Cotton ZERO WASTE 8-Piece Shopping bag set

If you are looking for something practical, this 8 piece organic cotton shopping bag set is perfect.  Thoughtfully designed to include everything she will need for a trip to the grocery store. 

🌸Plant Lover Gift Box

Last but certainly not least, is this Plant Lover Gift Box.  Simple & stylish, this gift box is for our garden loving mums & offers an abundance of easy to grow seeds & high quality, lightweight plant snips which will be any plant lovers best friend. 
This gift box is a rewarding project for anyone with a green thumb at heart.

As a plant lover myself I just had to share this quote with you. 🌸😊

"We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us." Jenny Uglow

Plant Lover Gift Box

We hope you love our top 10 gift ideas for mum this Mother's Day.  Let us know in the comment below which one is you favourite.

With Love


Kylie Peters

Founder at Gifts For The Planet

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