An Introduction to Sustainable Living

An Introduction to sustainable living - 5 easy steps to an eco lifestyle

Do you want to live your best life now, while knowing you are making a conscious effort for a sustainable future?

Maybe you've noticed the amount of single use items in your bin and felt guilty ... Or been at the grocery store and picked up a plastic produce bag and thought that you really should invest in some reusable produce bags?

Here we will share some great ways to start living a more sustainable lifestyle, without the mountains of single use plastic in your garbage.

The terms plastic free or zero waste can feel overwhelming and often unachievable, leaving you doing nothing at all. We all have to start somewhere to reduce the amount of single use plastic waste, and every small change can make a difference.  These words of wisdom are from Anne Marie Bonneau:

“We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Here are some simple ways you can start to live more sustainably & consciously right now.

5 Simple Eco Friendly Changes to Make Today

  1. Invest in a quality Reusable Shopping bag set that you love & keep it in your car so you never forget it. Make sure you have reusable produce bags! Think about how many single use plastic bags you would contribute to land fill over a year!!! Reusable shopping bags are such a simple zero waste swap you can make today.  Or a practical but beautiful gift for a friend or family member! CLICK HERE to invest in yours now - 8 Piece Organic Cotton Shopping Bag Set
  2. Find your local Farmers Market or ask you local fruit & veggie shop where their produce is coming from. Not only does this ensure you are eating the freshest and most nutritious food, but it is also supporting the local farmers in your community & minimising food miles which is more sustainable.
  3. Dine in - Instead of grabbing a takeaway coffee or takeaway lunch, why not take 10 mins out of your busy day to sit and drink your coffee at your favourite coffee shop and avoid the takeaway cup all together.
  4. Invest in some quality reusables that you love. Never leave the house without your favourite reusable coffee cup.  If you love drinking out of a ceramic cup, invest in a gorgeous pottery cup with a silicone lid.  If you love a hot coffee, invest in an insulated cup to keep your brew piping hot.  You might even find that your local coffee shop offer a discount for bringing your own reusable coffee cup!
  5. Be a conscious consumer. Next time you have to buy a gift for someone, or replace something in your home, stop and think about where it has come from, & where will it end up (landfill or compost)?! Avoid buying cheap plastic items & find a quality plastic free alternative. CLICK HERE for more planet friendly gift ideas.

These are just a few ways that you can make a change towards a more sustainable and rewarding lifestyle and start to reduce your impact on the environment.

For more eco living tips and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and transition towards an eco-friendly home, join our Gifts For The Planet Tribe by signing up on our website homepage.

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