Handmade Baskets

Fair Trade Beach baskets, Market baskets & Picnic baskets made from natural sustainable fibres. 

Our baskets are all handwoven at village level and the money goes direct to the Artisans who make them.  We pride ourselves on only supporting Fair Trade at all costs. 

Our baskets are handmade which means that every one is different & this is what makes them so special.

Our beautiful natural fair-trade bolga basket have so many uses. Ideal for market adventures, beach day or picnics in the park. Eco-friendly, sustainable, made from natural fibres (Elephant Grass). 
Handwoven in Ghana, Africa, these baskets help to support the local weavers and their families by ensuring a stable income.
Each basket we get is a one off design, never to be repeated, this is what makes them so special.

All baskets are posted flattened, they must be reshaped.

Care: Easily reshape your basket by quickly submerging it in water (keep the leather dry), reshaping it by hand, and letting it dry.

Note: hand made products may have characteristic blemishes which add to their unique authenticity.

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