Bolga Baskets are made with strong, durable and flexible elephant grass. When elephant grass gets wet it's pliable and you are able to use your hands to mould your basket back into it's original shape. So if your beautiful basket has just arrived folded down in the post follow these easy steps!

  1. Hold the handle of the basket in one hand and push the basket from the inside out with your other hand.
  2. It will now resemble a basket! But to get the perfect shape wet your basket with water by holding it under the shower, hosing it down, or dipping it in a large sink of cool water.
  3. Once the water has soaked into the elephant grass it will become pliable and you will be able to mould it into shape with your hands.
  4. To get the base of the basket to sit flat, gently push down on the rim with both hands evenly.
  5. It is important to dry out your basket as soon as possible, do this by placing it upside down in the sun or drying it out under a fan inside. (Never store your basket away wet/damp as it is a natural fibre and may go mouldy).
  6. It won’t take long for you basket to dry out and voila! Your beautiful Bolga Basket is ready to use!