Flaurae Diffuser Blend Collection

Flaurae Diffuser Blend Collection

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Natural Essential Oil Blends 

By Flaurae

You never quite know what you’re going to need when you wake up – sometimes it’s energy, sometimes it’s a little positivity and other times you just want to get a decent night’s sleep. The Flaurae Diffuser Blends will start and end your day the right way with a little help from nature.

Uplift: A combination of ylang-ylang, lavender and rosewood essential oils will lift your mood and brighten your days.

Wisdom: Get all wrapped up in a positivity and tranquillity bubble using this specialised blend of sweet orange, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils.

Dream: This unique blend of chamomile, lemon, marjoram and lavender essential oils will surround you with a calm energy that will send you off to dreamland in no time.

Relax: Even your mind needs a bit of a breather every now and then, which is exactly what this combination of orange, bergamot, lavender, patchouli and ylang-ylang essential oils will do.