Seagrass Baby Changing Basket

Seagrass Baby Changing Basket

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 Natural and beautiful, this hand woven sea-grass changing basket is a nursery favourite for good reason. 

  • A fresh take on a traditional changing mat
  • Fairtrade and handmade with love!
  • Can be used after your little one has outgrown the changing basket, as toy storage or as a display basket.
  • Dimensions: 70x 30cm internal base measurement. 

Please note, comes without insert.

Our Seagrass baskets are handcrafted at village level in Northern Vietnam allowing income into rural communities where employment opportunity is minimal. All our products are entirely natural and organic, grown eco-sustainably. Our baskets are made very strong, will last indefinitely and at the end of their useful life will break down organically in a few months.

Seagrass is grown sustainably in fields and is harvested 3 times each year. The harvest begins once the grass has reached 2.5 metres in height. The evenness of the blades is essential for the production of all kinds of handiwork. The grass is air dried then spun into weaveable fibres. Due to the nature of the material and the construction, the baskets are strong and durable. For shipping some baskets are flattened and to return them to their original shape at any time they can be sprayed or soaked (prolonged soaking will not harm) to soften the fibres then pushing/pulling to reach desired shape. Then simply air dry and baskets are ready for use!