Sustainable Corporate Gifts - Rosie's Story

"Thanks again for your incredible help and support throughout this process, it’s much appreciated and I’ve recommended you to others also." ~ Rosie Dawson ERM

Rosie contacted me this time last year looking for 315 sustainable gift hampers. Previously they had a staff Christmas party, but this year they were looking for a sustainable gifting option to thank their staff. She had an extensive sustainable criteria which aligned with ERM's company philosophy and we were able to tick all the boxes.  We are honoured to collaborate with like minded people who are making real environmental change through their companies.

Sustainable Check List:
✔ Plastic free packaging   
✔ Supporting Small Businesses 
✔ Women Lead 
✔ Eco Friendly products
✔ Custom message printing 
✔ Delivered direct to recipient 
✔ $100 budget 
✔ Giving back - One tree Planted for every gift 🌳

I worked with Rosie to come up with two sustainable hamper options and a total of 315 hamper were warmly received with glowing reviews and gratitude.

These Hamper brought hope, income and sustainable change to more than 10 small sustainable businesses producing premium eco products and doing their bit for the future of the planet ... and for that I am so honoured and proud.


Kylie Peters 
Founder ~ Founder

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