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An Introduction to Sustainable Living

Do you want to live your best life now, while knowing you are making a conscious effort for a sustainable future. Maybe you've noticed the amount of single use items in your bin and felt guilty?  Or been at the grocery store and picked up a plastic produce bag and through that you really should invest in some reusable produce bags? Here we will share some great ways to start living a more sustainable lifestyle, without the mountains of single use plastic in your garbage.

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Spoil Mum This Mother's Day Without Spoiling The Planet

At Gifts For The Planet, we are all about making gifting easy, whilst keeping your conscience clear and allowing you to indulge in beautiful practical planet friendly products for your loved ones and yourself. Mother's Day would have to be our most special occasion.  The majority of our eco suppliers are small business run by Mums like us. These amazing hard working women are not only raising a family, but also running sustainable, ethical and eco friendly business, and inspiring their own children to be responsible for the future of our planet. To honour us as mums, and our mums for raising us to be the women we are, we have curated this very special selection of eco gift baskets. If you see something you love,...

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